How to dress to the work to feel comfortable but at the same time look cool and elegant? If you want to know the answer for this question, that propositions are for you!

Fashionably, feminine and sexy- what more can we want? This is the first outfit, my favourite. A pair of jeans- universal, they are perfect to the sports outfits but also they could be one of the element of elegant outfits. Necessarily, they have to be fit well. If they are frayed, they are very fashionable. If we want to wear high- heeled boots, it is a good idea to tuck the legs- then you will get a nice effect. You should add a loose blouse made of delicate material in one colour and gold pendant or bracelet. It looks gorgeous.

The second proposition is a striped dress. It is associated with the style of a sailor, but it is light, airy and feminine. This dress is perfect for hot days. We feel comfortable in it, the material does not restrict movement. A brown belt will be a perfect addition here. Nude- coloured heels and a bag in the same colour- these are perfectly matching accessories. This outfit is fashionable and is a breath of fresh- this is what we always carry about.

This outfit will be perfect for those of you who has a specific dress code and must wear necessarily a white blouse with a collar. Seemingly simple, but absolutely not boring. White blouse and a sweater with a slight V-neck neckline. In stores sometimes you can find a ready to wear whole connection. To this outfit the best idea is to choose black trousers or slim jeans ‘tubes’. Obligatory fashion accessories are elegant watch and a long necklace.

And the last outfit seems to be less formal. A black blouse with long sleeves, slightly translucent and underneath a black top on shoulder straps. This is outfit for more adventurous girls. Because a black is a universal colour, you should choose gold or silver accessories, which will perfectly match. It could be a necklace or bracelet- something in which you will feel comfortable. If you choose watch- remember that very fashionably is to combine it with bracelets.