What kind of swimsuit should you choose? What is trendy? Check it out!

The world belongs to the brave, so there is our first suggestion- a string bikini. In the photo you could see a black, classic bikini. It is quite comfortable and what is the most important- it allows perfectly tanned our buttocks. Many girls do not like to have a tanned buttocks halfway, when clearly marked a line of panties. That is the reason why this bikini i a very good idea for you summer trip to the seaside resorts.

Another possibility to consider is a one- piece swimsuit. In the shops you can find many proposition of swimsuits like that, so you can really find interesting outfit, nicely tailored with extra toppings. You should know that you can also buy a monokini, which is one piece, but more cut swimsuit, eg. cut in the sides of swimsuit which affects that it looks more sexy. You can also decided to buy a tankini, which is very practical choice. This is a costume consisting of two pieces, where the top is much longer and goes back to the pant, which gives the impression of a one- piece swimsuit. Really, we have many option to choose. A one- piece swimsuit is ideal for girls who have complexes or are pregnant.

Another suggestion is a typical two- piece swimsuit- panties and bra. Last time the most fashionably were costumes in strong, almost glaring colours. However, always you should check out these classic colours- black, dark blue or red.

The last suggestion is something for those of us who like unusual costumes made of different materials than always. There you can see a hand-sewn costume, which beautifully highlights tan because of its colour. Hand- knitted bra striking and nicely fits with jeans shorts. Additionally, decorated bras is in the style of Bandini.