What can we wear for tonight to look glamorous? There are some tips:

If you are waiting for an important event- the official dinner, business meeting, prom or banquet- you should wear a dress. There is one of my proposition- very delicate, lace dress, which seems to be perfect in many situations. It highlights the delicacy and natural beauty. The ideal shoes which will look wonderful with that dress are high heels in ecru, red or light blue colour (I definitely not recommend white shoes). If we talk about accessories and jewellery, the best idea is to wear light bracelet.

If you’re going to the club to meet with friends, you should wear something special and elegant but not too formal. The latest fashion trend is a blouse with elements of leather and translucent material. These blouses are ideal for such occasion, they could be wear with trousers or skirt. If our blouses has elements of translucent material, we should not add to this outfit the necklace. Better idea is to wear the silver bracelet or earrings. Of course, do not forget about red high heels!

The second outfit perfectly suit to the evening meeting in the club. Simple, classical and elegant- dedicated to those women who loves dresses the most. If you decided to wear such dress, do not forget about black high heels and accessories like watch with the black, leather strap as you can see in the picture. Interchangeably you can wear watch with silver bracelet. Also, take a black handbag with you- it could be smaller or bigger clutch bag for all necessary things which you are usually take with you. What is the best in this dress is that it can be used in any situation, whether in the party or to work.


A little black dress always works and every woman should have it in his wardrobe. But also you should think about longer black dress in length to the ground. Such dress could slender figure, highlights the feminine curves and it is simply sexy but it not reveal too much. More and more women are choosing the dress for a date- whether to the restaurant, opera, philharmonic or theatre. This dress is the essence of class and elegance, so can only take with you a little bracelet and clutch bag. The whole project will be presented sensational.