How to look good and feel comfortable every day? I present you some simple but impressive outfits below:

First outfit- simply but with style and character. Black, skinny trousers ‘tubes’ that fit into many types of figure and a sweater in a different colour with shiny thread. This is a perfect and practical outfit for chilly afternoons. You should not forget about fashion accessories- to this outfit the best will be big, eye- catching jewellery in the colour of silver or ‘old silver’. But remember that if you decided to wear a cardigan with gold thread then you have to have a gold jewellery- it is good to know about this principle. In this outfit you can go to the meeting with your friends, go shopping or go to the university.

Another suggestion for hot summer days- top and skirt in black colour. In the stores there are other colour options, so you should choose the one that best fit for you. Black is a safe and universal colour. A top is ending behind the navel, skirt is to the knees or to the ground (both options look fantastic). A top has to be perfectly fitted and tight. To this outfit you should choose sandals, pendant or bracelet. Everything together will look great.

Now something for teens. The totally loose outfit, slightly rebellious but convenient. However, quite fashionable, if someone does not believe. Shorts, the best made of jeans, loose top (can be printed) and sweater- do not forget it, it has a slight fall on shoulders. When it comes to footwear, the best idea is to wear sneakers, for example the same as this sneakers in the picture in the white and black colours. They are very fashionable almost every summer season. The colour of the sweater should contrasted with a t-shirt- this is very important and we should not forget about it.

Dungarees- forgotten by many, considered to be something old- fashioned what absolutely should not be wear nowadays. If anyone thinks so- he makes a big mistake. Dungarees, especially 3/4 length or those quite shorter for the summer are great and loose outfit. In addition, very comfortable. You can add to them just white t-shirt or t- shirt in any different colour that you like. To this out you should wear sports shoes, which should be knotted, and full of colours. They might add some freshness to this outfit, the same as sports watch in some vibrant colour.